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        Government Agency Solution

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        Archives Storehouse Intelligent Environment Monitoring Solution

        Usually there arearchives storehouse in the government agencies.A large number of important documents are in it. Since most are paper documents, it is very important to ensure the security of them by improving the management level of the storehouse environment. Sunwe’s archives storehouse intelligent environment monitoring system is a professional solution for the archives storehouse.

        Improve the quality of archives preservation.It is necessary to strengthen the control of the storehouse environment to meet the requirements of the "eight defenses" of the archives.Sayanti-theft, anti-light, high temperature prevention, fireprevention, moistureprevention, dustprevention, ratprevention and pest prevention.

        The efficiencyof management for the archives storehouse needs to be improved and intelligently upgraded.

        Solution Introduction

        The archivesstorehouse intelligent environment duty-keeping system integrates the environment humiture sensor, air conditioner controller, water leakage detection sensor, dehumidifier/humidifier, VOC gas sensor, video monitoring, access control, infrared, electricity meter, smog sensor, display and alarm, etc. A digital and intelligent storehouse environment comprehensive monitoring system meets the needs of archive warehouse environmental monitoring and security management.

        Generally, the intelligent duty-keeping system is deployed in the provincial monitoring center.The provincial, municipal, district and county data are aggregated to the provincial monitoring center through the secondary network.Thereby the monitoring of the province's archive storehouse environment is realized. The professional monitoring personnel are arranged in the provincial monitoring center.The storehouse environment is monitored in real time through auxiliary alarm means such as SMS, telephone, voice, sound and light, etc..Theweekly, monthly and annual operation and maintenance report of the storehouse is submitted according to the requirements.

        Characteristics of the solution

        No need forexternal network

        Apply internal LAN to realize unified supervision of monitoring center, which can effectively avoid external network attack.


        The system supports hot-standby. Data is continuously transmitted even the network is disconnected. A double security is ensured.

        Integrated centralized monitoring

        Unified monitoring and management for the storehouse’s environment,security, fire protection,etc.

        Beautiful interface

        Support diversified alarm mode. Timely and no missing alarm. Coordinate with personalized working habits.

        Stable performance

        Adapt to harsh working conditions.

        Practical report

        Provide professional data reports in combination with operation and maintenance requirement.Support custom report function.

        Value for The Customers

        Improve the management and control of thestorehouse environment, so that the storehouse can be in a stable environment for a long time.

        Improve storehouse management efficiency.Reduce manpower management cost.

        Data of storehouse monitoring is comprehensive, accurate and traceable.

        Project Cases

        China Civil Aviation Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region

        Hebei Province Procuratorate

        China Supreme People's Court

        Hebei Province Forestry Department

        National Property Office

        Hebei Province Foreign Affairs Office

        National Legislative Affairs Office

        Hebei Province Health Department

        State Oceanic AdministrationThe Third Institute of Oceanography

        Henan Province Department of Housing and Construction

        National Ocean Forecasting Center (Xiamen)

        Jilin Environmental Protection Bureau

        National Password Protection Agency

        Liaoning Province Bureau of Surveying and Mapping

        National Foreign Trade Development Council

        Liaoning Province Department of Land and Resources

        State Council Taiwan Affairs Office

        Local Taxation Bureau of Meishan City, Sichuan Province

        Beijing Earthquake Administration

        Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau

        Beijing Poverty Alleviation Office

        Xinjiang Urumqi Highway Administration

        Fujian Province Administration of Industry and Commerce

        Hangzhou State Taxation Bureau

        Fujian Province Public Security Department

        Shanxi Railway Bureau

        Fujian Province Highway Bureau

        Shandong Province Public Security Department

        Fujian Province Environmental Protection Bureau

        Hunan Changsha Energy Bureau

        Fujian Province Audit Office

        Hunan Surveying and Mapping Institute

        Wuyishan Meteorological Bureau of Fujian Province

        Hubei Province Bureau of Statistics

        Fujian Informatization Bureau

        Guizhou Province Administration of Industry and Commerce

        Fujian Zhangzhou City Procuratorate

        Guangdong Province Department of Personnel

        Fujian Province Organization Department




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