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        Education Solution

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        Schoolyard Intelligent Environment Monitoring System Solution

        The quality of education decides the future of a nation. Consequently, school is very important as the main front of education. "Everything can be poor while education must not" has been a household name for a long time. Recently, as air pollution has intensified, people pay more and more attention to air quality. Therefore, in addition to monitoring the IT room, the classroom is also a key monitoring . The schoolyard intelligent environment monitoring system solution that is introduced by Sunwe is your safe choice.

        IT equipment in the school room stores a large amount of data. Any malfunction will cause data damage and loss, which affect normal office and teaching order. So computer room monitoring is a core requirement for school.

        The number of equipment in the school's computer room is increasing year by year, so the equipment room has the requirement for convenient expansion and intelligent management.

        The operation and maintenance rhythm may change accordingly in the winter and summer vacations, so the monitoring equipment should be stable, reliable and intelligent enough.

        The air is becoming increasingly polluted. Teachers and students spend most of their time in the classroom, so there is a need to monitor the air quality of the classroom.

        Solution Introduction

        Suwe’s schoolyard intelligent environment monitoring system solution consists of EMVIEW network monitoring platform, EMS series environment monitoring host and sensors. It is used in IT equipment rooms, classrooms, warehouses, etc..

        The integrated monitoring for the environment, power, security, fire, video, and network in the computer room can be done by our system. When the monitoring is connected to the networked room, the operating data of all the equipment rooms can be aggregated to the monitoring center through the EMVIEW networking platform. The monitoring center uniformly supervises the operating status of each equipment room. If something wrong happen, the monitoring center can check the cause of the malfunction promptly and assign the corresponding personnel to handle the hidden danger of the equipment room.

        Combined with the current severe air quality problems, the schoolyard intelligent environment monitoring system solution can also take the monitoring of classroom environmental quality into account, such as monitoring PM2.5 concentration changes at all times, and forming data reports. O&M personnel can always view current air quality status by this.

        Characteristics of the solution

        Good scalability

        Scientific design structure with good scalability to meet the needs of subsequent expansion.

        Data is comprehensive and traceable

        The operating data records of the equipment room are comprehensive and traceable, no manual operation is required.

        Integrated centralized monitoring

        Unified monitoring for the station’s environment equipment, power equipment, security equipment, fire protection equipment, etc., and unified management through the monitoring center;

        Diversified alarm mode

        Support diversified alarm mode. Timely and no missing alarm. Coordinate with personalized working habits;

        Beautiful interface

        The platform interface is simple and beautiful. The monitoring data is clear at a glance;

        Practical report

        Provide professional data reports in combination with operation and maintenance requirement.Support custom report function.

        Value for The Customers

        Intelligent duty-keeping:Centralized monitoring and management for intelligent monitoring equipment such as computer rooms and classrooms, which replaces traditional human operation and maintenance work;

        Cost-effective:The system is stable, safe and easy to use. It saves operating costs of the machine room and improves the operation and maintenance efficiency.

        Project Cases

        Beijing Technology and Business University

        Xiamen City College

        Beijing Art Museum Back Street Primary School

        Xiamen University

        Beijing Normal University Miyun Experimental Middle School

        The 6th Middle School of Xiamen

        Beijing Normal University Yanhua Affiliated High School

        Xiamen Fanghu Double Ten Middle School

        Guangdong Province Zhongshan Library

        Xiamen Haicang Foreign School

        Guizhou Institute of Technology

        Xiamen Institute of Education& Science

        Guizhou Province Youth League

        The 1st Middle School of Xiamen

        Guizhou Province Recruitment Center

        Shandong Engineering and Technology College

        Harbin No. 6 Middle School

        Jinan Literature and Art Center of Shandong Province

        Hebei University of Economics

        Shandong Province EducationDepartment

        Henan University of Economics and Law

        Shandong Taxation Cadre School

        Hunan Zhuzhou Railway School

        Shanghai Business School

        Jilin University

        Sichuan University

        Jilin ProvinceChangchun City Education

        Department Northwest University

        Qilu University of Technology

        Tibet Autonomous Regional Party School




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