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        Financial Solution

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        Bank Outlet Intelligent Environment Monitoring Solution

        With the rapid development of the economy, the continuous deepening of the electronic construction in the financial sector and the continuous expansion of banking business, in order to enable depositors to make with drawals, payment and other services at any time and any place, the bank ATM (automatic teller machine) has been widely used in all corners of urban and rural areas. Therefore, ensuring the normal operation of the ATM is a powerful guarantee forthe smooth operation of the banking business and the timely delivery of service information.

        Bank business is sensitive, the user scale is huge, consequently the requirements for business stability and data security is much higher;

        Bank ATM machines are numerous and scattered, so the bank room has the need for centralized monitoring and unified management.

        Solution Introduction

        Sunwe’s bank outlet intelligent environment monitoring solution consists of EMVIEW network monitoring platform, EMS series environment monitoring host and sensors. Through the secondary management mode, branch office rooms, business outlets, financial convenience stores, and off-line ATM outlets can be deployed in a decentralized manner to achieve centralized monitoring and unified management.

        A centralized monitoring center is usually deployed at a branch to collect key environmental data from each branch office. The authority management system enables the monitoring center and the network operation and maintenance personnel to have different permissions, which is convenient for improving the work efficiency.

        According to the actual demand, the environmental monitoring system will be arranged in the business outlets, financial convenience stores and computer rooms in the ATM outlets. The data collected by the system will be transmitted to the monitoring center for unified monitoring and management.

        Characteristics of the solution

        Stable and reliable

        The host adopts low-power ARM chip and ded design. It never crashes. Also it has a self-starting function;

        Simple and easy-use

        Products and system software are good to learn and operate. It is simple and easy-use;

        Beautiful interface

        The platform interface is simple and beautiful. The monitoring data is clear at a glance; equipment, fire protection equipment, etc., and unified management through the monitoring center;

        Diversified alarm mode

        Support diversified alarm mode. Timely and no missing alarm. Coordinate with personalized working habits;

        Good scalability

        The system structure is scientific in design and of good scalability to meet the needs of subsequent expansion;

        Good compatibility

        The system is compatible with most brands of UPS, precision air conditioners and other smart devices on the market.

        Value for The Customers

        Intelligent duty-keeping:There are many bank outlets and equipment. The traditional manual operation and maintenance work is replaced by our system, which monitors the operation of all equipment in real time;

        Economic and efficient:The system is stable, safe and easy to use. It saves operating costs of the machine room and improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

        Project Cases

        China Pacific Insurance Shandong Branch

        Liaoning Securities Regulatory Bureau

        Guangfa Huafu Securities

        Dalian Securities Regulatory Bureau

        Hongxin Securities Co., Ltd.

        Xiamen Securities Regulatory Bureau

        Xiamen Securities Co., Ltd.

        Tibet Securities Regulatory Bureau

        Hexing Securities

        Yangquan City Commercial Bank of Shanxi Province

        Guojin Securities

        Fuzhou Agricultural and Industrial Bank

        Haitong Securities

        Hua Xia Bank Tangshan Branch

        Minsheng Securities

        Guangdong Shunde Rural Commercial Bank

        Galaxy Securities

        Fuzhou Rural Commercial Bank

        Hubei UnionPay

        Quanzhou Rural Commercial Bank

        Pudong UnionPay

        Panjin People's Bank

        Shanxi Yangquan Rural Credit Cooperative

        Everbright Bank

        Sansui County Credit Union of Guizhou Province

        Evergrowing Bank

        Longyan Rural Credit Cooperative

        Hunan Jinxin Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.

        Guizhou Weitan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.

        Xiamen International Trust Co., Ltd.

        Conley Financial




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