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        Medical Solution

        Innovation / High-efficiency / Sincerity

        Integrated Monitoring Solution

        The importance of hospital is known to everyone as it isa guardian unit for people’slife safety.Special storage warehouses such as computer rooms, operating rooms, laboratories, refrigerationhouse, medical warehouses, etc. are importantplacesfor hospitals. These sites’ normal operationshould be guaranteed.Thus an integrated monitoring solution that can monitor the operation status of these sites at any timeis very necessary.

        There is multi-departmental collaboration in hospital works.Business data is transferred among departments. So it is necessary to monitor the operation of IT equipment in the equipment room at all times to avoid poor data flowordata loss.

        A constant environment should be maintained for important indoor places such as laboratories, refrigeration house, and medical warehouses.It is necessary to constantly monitor the internal environment changes of these places.

        Solution Introduction

        The integrated monitoring solutionof our company can monitor the hospital room and different types of warehouses in real time.It collects the operation data of the monitored s, analyzing and processing them. When the data exceeds the limit (that is, an abnormal situation occurs), the system will start the joint debugging mechanism according to the setting, issuing an alarm to notify the relevant operation and maintenance personnel to deal with the hidden troubles in time to avoid the malfunction.

        When the is the equipment room, integrated monitoring for power, environment, security, video, fire, network, etc. can be doneby our integrated monitoring solution.The operation and maintenance personnel can always grasp the detail for the power supply of the equipment room, the operation of IT equipment and the entry and exit of personnel.

        When the is a specific warehouse, Sunwe’s integrated monitoring solution can monitor the special equipment and its working environment in real time. When the equipment runs abnormally or the environment changes abnormally, the system will automatically issue an alarm to notify the operation and maintenance personnel to deal with the hidden troubles in time.

        Characteristics of the solution

        Good scalability

        Scientific design structure with good scalability to meet the needs of subsequent expansion.

        Prognosis of malfunction

        By analyzing the collected data, the operating status of the equipment can be predicted,the hidden dangers can be dealt with in advance;

        Integrated centralized monitoring

        Unified monitoring and management for environment, power, security, video, fire protection, network, etc.;

        Diversified alarm mode

        Support diversified alarm mode. Timely and no missing alarm. Coordinate with personalized working habits;

        Beautiful interface

        The platform interface is simple and beautiful. The monitoring data is clear at a glance;

        Practical report

        Provide professional data reports in combination with operation and maintenance requirement.Support custom report function;

        Value for The Customers

        Reduce the probability of malfunction in the equipment room--Monitor the operating status of the equipment room in real time.Any abnormal trendwill be intervened in advance to avoid problem;

        Accurate control of environmental changes in specific locations--Ensure real-time monitoring of critical equipment and its working environment to guarantee its normal operation.

        Project Cases

        Fujian Cancer Hospital

        The Third People's Hospital of Liaoning Province

        The Second Affiliated Hospital of Quanzhou, Fujian

        The Second People's Hospital of Heze City, Shandong Province

        Fujian Quanzhou Central Blood Station

        Heze City Hospital of Shandong Province

        The First Hospital of Xiamen, Fujian

        The First Hospital of Zibo City, Shandong Province

        XiamenHospital of traditional Chinese medicine,Fujian Province

        Zibo City Hospital of Shandong Province

        Xiamen Eye Center, Fujian Province

        The First People's Hospitalof Shijiazhuang City

        The Second HospitalofFuzhou City Fujian Province

        West China Stomatological Hospital of Sichuan University

        Guangzhou Military Region Hospital

        Leshan People's Hospital of Sichuan Province

        Zhengzhou Yihe Hospital, Henan Province

        Meishan City Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Hospital, Sichuan Province

        159 Hospital of PLA, Zhumadian, Henan Province

        People's Friendship Hospitalof Sichuan Province

        Heilongjiang Province Academy of Chinese Medicine

        Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital

        Hunan Luzhou Children's Hospital

        Xinjiang Shihezi People's Hospital




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