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        Product Introduction

        The power intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring system is an operation and maintenance platform that is built by Sunwe for the power industry. Its monitoring system is stable, safe and easy to use. Active operation and maintenance is realized by real-time monitoring of the environment, operating load and equipment working conditions of the power distribution room, which also enhance the security of the power infrastructure and improve the reliability of power supply.

        This system consists of EMVIEW network monitoring platform, EMS series monitoring host and sensors.

        EMVIEW Network Monitoring Platform

        The EMVIEW network monitoring platform is mainly used for daily operation and maintenance management. Through this platform, multiple monitoring stations can be integrated under the same monitoring center, which can monitor and manage all stations. The platform supports large screen, PC, mobile phone operation display. It is with beautiful interface. The reports are abundant.

        EMS Series Monitoring Host

        The EMS series monitoring host is mainly used to collect and process data. It can comprehensively monitor the environment, running load, equipment temperature rise, partial discharge working condition, security, video, fire fighting, intelligent equipment, etc.. In practical applications, the system is connected to different types of sensors. The wiring is simple, the operation is easy.

        System Application Layer

        Value For Customers

        Intelligent Inspection

        Remote monitoring for the running status of each station device and the overall working environment. Support manual inspection/automatic inspection.

        Event Synchronization

        If malfunction of the station occurs, the monitoring center and the station synchronously store relevant data, which is comprehensive and traceable.

        Automatic Work Assigning

        Once an alarm occurs on the station, the system will automatically assign the operation and maintenance work according to the alarm content.

        Practical Report

        Provide professional data reports in combination with operation and maintenance requirement. Support function of custom report .

        Beautiful Interface

        The platform interface is simple and beautiful. The monitoring data is clear at a glance.

        Diversified Alarm Mode

        Support diversified alarm mode. Timely and no missing alarm. Coordinate with personalized working habits.

        Application Scenario

        Product Advantage

        Classic IoT 3-layer structure, simple and reliable system.

        Withstand virus intrusion by Linux operating system and ARM chip.

        Industrial grade hardware design. Power consumption low to 5W. Strong anti-interference ability.

        Built-in grid communication interface protocol, which can realize full coverage of computer room monitoring.

        Strong compatibility with most brands of UPS and third-party intelligent devices.

        Support hot-standby. Back-up monitoring without interruption.

        Quick deployment and installation by standardized 19-inch 1U rack design.

        Standardized RJ45 interface, work begins as soon as the plug is on.

        Support flexible expansion to meet the requirements of business deployment.

        Support online expansion, no interruption for the existing monitoring.

        Simple wiring and easy maintenance.

        Support browsing from mobile phone, computer, tablet and WeChat platform. Easy to view the browsing.

        Record the running, operating, debugging log detail. Machine room running status is traceable.

        Hierarchical management of account permissions to ensure computer room information security.

        Support diversified alarm mode. Timely and no missing alarm.

        Predict possible alarm to eliminate hidden malfunction in advance.

        Feature of malfunction location.

        Support full storage (secondary storage) and delayed shutdown. Fully maintaining of data integrity.




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