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        Product Introduction

        With the advent of the big data era, industries such as cloud computing, mobile internet and Internet of Things are booming. The scale of data centers is constantly increasing. It began to have a polarization trend. The number of WeChat terminal data centers is more and more. While the sporadic distribution of micro data centers has always been faced with the dilemma of difficult planning/construction/operation and maintenance management due to differences in geography, environment and architecture, which has brought great challenges to the rapid launch of the business.

        Based on years of experience and technology in the data center monitoring industry, Sunwe introduces a new cabinet-level micro data center solution--Data Compartment, which is based on the integrated management concept of data center infrastructure. This product deeply integrate the equipment cabinet, UPS power supply distribution, cooling, monitoring, fire protection and wiring. It can provide a safer, more efficient and convenient operation support for IT equipment. One-stop rapid deployment of the data center can be realized. The installation, deployment, delivery and operation can be done in a minimum of one day. This well reduces the comprehensive cost. It is an important part of the modern data center.

        Product Form

        Application Scenario

        Value For Customers


        High Frequency UPS. The overall efficiency is 92%. Cabinet-level Cooling + Fully Enclosed Hot and Cold Channel Cooling--Energy-saving is more than 30%. Overall PUE≤1.45.


        High Integration of Data center IT Facilities. Simple Solution Design--Users only need to select the type according to the equipment capacity.


        Multi-site Integrated Monitoring. Support to view the running status anytime and anywhere through APP&WeChat.


        Small Floor Area. Strong Environmental Adaptability. No Need for A Separate Computer Room. Low Noise. Suitable for Office Environment.


        One-stop Rapid Deployment of The Data Center. The installation, deployment, delivery and operation can be done in a minimum of one day. Support for Rapid Cabinet Expansion.


        Overall Use of Industrial Grade Devices. Factory Pre-verification Test. Fully enclosed Design. Full-scale Monitoring. Regulatory Control.

        System Structure




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